Anna Taratiel


#Permutacions takes its name from the mathematical definition of permutation, which is the variation of the order or of the arrangement of the items of an ordered set or a tuple without repeated items.

#Permutacions is proposed as the consummation of the strategies that have formed the body of work of Anna Taratiel / OVNI. A synthesis that takes shape through the rotation of materials, products, agents and leftovers that characterise her artistic practice.

Creating from the idea of what is public, an organic stage is presented with four different levels of participation: the work of the artist, occasional interventions by invited artists, automated digital compositions and the active contribution of the visitor both to the space and through social media.

Starting from geometry and pattern as foundation elements of representation in all cultures, a dialogue is articulated between own and others, between the individual and the group, between the human being and the virtual world, making a space to negotiate the tensions and complementariness between the part and the whole and the man and the machine, at a time when mankind is reconfiguring the basic elements that make up civilisation.

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