Anna Taratiel


Series of transparent PVC surfaces suspended from a metallic structure by rails of differing degrees of depth house basic geometrical compositions cut in translucent, monochrome PVC. The result, luminous, fluctuating and stenographic, evokes dialectic concepts such as transparency-opacity, emptiness-accumulation, and nucleus-complement. Every module can be moved by the user to make a personal composition, as […]


#Permutacions takes its name from the mathematical definition of permutation, which is the variation of the order or of the arrangement of the items of an ordered set or a tuple without repeated items. #Permutacions is proposed as the consummation of the strategies that have formed the body of work of Anna Taratiel / OVNI. A […]


Acrylic paint on wood | Shelf 35x15cm Contact now


Acrylic paint on linen | 80x80cm Contact now


Acrylic Paint between glass | 40x40cm Contact now

Reliefs II

Layered Cardboard | 50x35cm Contact now

Bits & Pieces

Cardboard Bits 10x10cm 5x5cm 10x5cm Pieces 30x30cm 70x50cm Contact now

Dirty Tape

Recycled tape | on Paper | 50×50 Contact now